Welcome to Project Positive People

This movement began as a personal art project I started in July 2019. While home alone one evening, I got the urge to make a bunch of posters illustrating the ways I hoped to become a better person and inspire others to become better as well. I made copies of the posters and spread them around. I posted them along several trails in Rhode Island and Connecticut and then I took them on the road to share with new people and put together a video.


Like most projects I pursue, this one was birthed out of pain. The world is full of prejudice, heartache, violence, and hate. Hard times are unavoidable, but I believe with enough love and support, we can persevere and make it through anything. I'm on a mission to bring people together--to help make the world a more peaceful and beautiful place.

Melissa Toni

Founder of Project Positive People

Born in Connecticut and matured by Rhode Island. I am a lover of writing, nature, art, animals, and humanity. I will never stop fighting for a better world.

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2019 by Project Positive People.