On my daily walk through downtown Clinton, Connecticut the other day, I spotted a unique massage therapy studio called "Gratitude". Intrigued by the potted plants and attractive barn door inside, I decided to call up the owner, Jenna Snelgrove, to find out more about her services. Turns out "Gratitude" is not just a catchy name. For Jenna, being grateful and appreciating natural, plant-based products is a lifestyle she embraces and hopes to share with the world. I was so impressed by her warm demeanor over the phone, I booked an appointment with her to learn the basics of essential oils, but if I'm being completely honest, I booked the appointment mostly to meet Jenna. She did not disappoint. She welcomed me into her space like an old friend and graciously offered much more than I signed up for.

For the first half hour or so, Jenna walked me through ten of the most common essential oils. She let me smell and test each one as she explained their uses and shared personal stories. It's obvious to me that Jenna is passionate about the products she shares. She is not a pushy saleswoman. She is a mother of two who believes in natural over chemical, quick-fix remedies. While we were testing the calming lavender oil, she told me she used to have trouble putting her kids to bed. They would stay up most of the night, limiting her sleep to only three hours a night, so a friend of hers suggested giving them each benadryl before bed. She was horrified by the suggestion. She opted instead to buy a diffuser for the kids' room and add a few drops of lavender oil to help them sleep. The natural solution worked. She hasn't looked back since.

I admire Jenna for her kind and conscious beliefs. They are infectious.

After we talked about essential oils, both the ingestible (diluted in small doses!) vitality variety as well as the original, she invited me to try a couple ounces of a beverage called NingXia Red. Once again, she impressed me with her conscious, nurturing ways when she told me that instead of using pills or over-the-counter syrups for the average cold, she buys this goji berry drink to boost her family's immune system and keep her loved ones healthy. Doctor visits and prescriptions have their time and place, but Jenna believes in cutting out chemicals and returning to natural remedies as often as possible. I admire her for that. I also admire her for not pressuring me at any point to buy a bottle of the delicious, yet admittedly pricey drink. She simply wanted to open my eyes and my taste buds to the plant-based, cold-fighting alternative.

While we sipped our beverages, Jenna opened up to me about her life and some of the personal struggles she's faced. She is a warrior. She is a person who has learned to take adversity and turn it into positive vibes and fuel. Because of her honesty, I felt comfortable sharing a bit about my less-than-perfect past. We bonded, and underneath our heart-to-heart conversation, like a beautiful, magical wiccan, she concocted two vials of an essential oil blend called Valor--one for myself and one for a friend. Valor is used for empowerment. It helps people overcome fear and opposition while building courage, confidence, and self-esteem. I pulled out my wallet, expecting to pay for the gifts, but she shook her head and passed them on for free. And to top it off, she gave me a little spider plant in a jar . . . just because.

Jenna is absolutely a tribe member of Project Positive People. She has been spreading the positive vibes for a year and a half now at her studio "Gratitude", and I'm sure for much longer before she opened her store. If you haven't already, schedule a massage, facial, or pedicure with her or sign up for one of her gracious classes. She offers courses on essential oils as well as ones on gratitude journaling and vision boarding. This Saturday, she is also hosting a charity event for Make A Wish foundation from 5PM - 9PM at her studio. Check Jenna out! She is an impressive positive-ripple creator and I support her a hundred percent.


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