Powering Up

There's a time for meditation and there's a time for elevation. I am an advocate for both ends of the spectrum (and everything in between) because I believe, when used wisely and with good intentions, a powered-up person can be an asset to a community. While a meditative mind has the power to spread peace and calm, an energized mind has the power to take initiative and make real change. We need more leaders in this world with good-hearted intentions. We need more fired up people, but fired up in a positive way.

As I've mentioned in previous posts, I've been through trauma. I have a lot of residual anger inside of me because of it, which many would say is a problem, but I prefer to view my emotional surplus as fuel. I believe the reason why I have been able to come out on the other side of so much pain and adversity with passion and goals is because of my anger. Sadness and depression are natural feelings and nothing to be ashamed of, but from my experience, they tend to keep a person stagnant. They keep a mind heavy and locked down. Sadness and depression works the same way on a bigger scale--a depressed society that remains that way will never see change. Anger can be the necessary driver to break the status quo--the power tool that cracks up through the cemented surface and reawakens the brain.

But . . . a word of caution--never hold on to anger. I look at this intense emotion as a starter flame to ignite my day. I don't walk around with it. The fire I tend to and carry around with me is instead made up of passion--anger's cousin. Like an alchemist, every morning I welcome my anger through rock music and weight lifting and then I turn it into passion. I utilize the stirred-up fuel as energy to accomplish my goals and fight for a better world. Anyone can do it. In fact, I think more people should. Punching walls and hurting others is anger abused and wasted. Instead of acting out in frustration, try acting out of motivation. Figure out why you're angry--what is it that makes you feel helpless, scared, and without control? Because most often these are the true emotions hiding underneath rage's shield. Understand and get to know this taboo power source and then find a way to put this energy to good use. Make goals, reach out to people who may be feeling a similar way and device a plan for a brighter future. Befriend your anger--I give you permission. Befriend your body's most powerful tool so you can power yourself up beyond the trenches of hopelessness to a place where change is possible and empowerment lives.

How do you power yourself up? What activities motivate you for the day?


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