Sing Your Heart Out!

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

Healthy outlets come in all shapes and sizes, but one of the best in my opinion is singing. Singing can be done together or alone, in harmony or in solitude. You can sing to the world on a stage or in a choir, or sing to yourself in the car or alone at home. You can sing across language barriers--cut through differences to reach a secret level of understanding. You can sing along with a karaoke machine, on point and in key, or you can sing wildly off the radar, pulling loose knots of pain and tangled up emotions inside.

The outlet of song draws directly from the heart. It connects us all, no matter what our skill level, background, upbringing, or lifestyle because we all feel and hurt most deeply from the same place. I don't believe people when they say they can't sing. We were all born to sing. We were born to scream out in pain, cry in sadness, and laugh in swells and ribbons of joy. These, in my opinion, are variations of song. These are examples of the heart surging out the chest, up through the throat, and released in the air.

Each time the heart releases an emotion, it opens itself back up to accepting and giving love. Conversely, each time the heart is forced to deny or cover up an emotion, it closes itself up tighter to the outside world. Life becomes scary to a hurt and timid heart. Every relationship becomes distant and cold because pure love can't be transmitted or received. Every wound becomes deeper because a heart can't properly heal without recognition and an outlet to be heard. Have you ever noticed that the longer you sing, the louder and more confident your voice becomes? That's because your insides are healing. Every time you let your emotions pour unabashedly out, you rid yourself of the stale gunk inside. Harbored emotions can be likened to a stagnant pool of water. The longer you let them sit inside your chest, the more scum and bacteria collects.

Sing! Belt that gunk out!

Regularly rinse out the chest and strengthen your heart because life does not stop. Love and pain and everything in between will continue to cut at the heart. It is your job, as a resilient, peaceful, loving person to take good care of one your body's most vital organs. Don't worry about reaching all the notes, messing up lyrics, or hearing your voice crack. Perfection doesn't matter because perfection isn't real. I have always preferred the occasional "mistake" when I hear myself and others sing because to me, that reveals the raw human emotion inside. We don't fall in love or get hurt in predictable ways so why should our outpourings come out in neat and tidy notes?

Let go of your judgments. Let go of your self-conscious, self-criticizing ways. Accept your voice exactly as it is: soft, scratchy, smooth, or loud and obscene. I want to hear it. If you're afraid or ashamed, know that I care and I want to hear you sing. I used to hate my voice until I started to feel the benefits and let go. The more you sing with yourself, the more you'll start to feel comfortable singing with others. The more you sing with others, the more all hearts will open up honestly and start to heal. There is no quicker way to bond with friends. There is no quicker way to unleash the insecurities inside and reach a level of mutual love and understanding.

Sing for your health. Sing for your friends. Sing for me!

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I'm all loving, open ears.


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