This past Friday, I went to the Newport Harbor Hotel in Newport, Rhode Island to attend a Halloween dance party with two of my good friends. To set off the party, Jackie Henderson, owner of MIST (Muscle Integrated Soul Training) in Middletown, Rhode Island organized a zombie-themed flash mob to Michael Jackson's hit "Thriller". The choreography and costumes were incredible, but even more incredible was the message behind the dance.

This past September, Jackie's beloved friend, Andrea Phelps, passed away after a long battle with bladder cancer. Andrea always loved "Thriller" and hoped to perform a dance to the song one day, so in her memory, Jackie, along with my friend Dee Floyd and the rest of the dance company, put on this flash mob:

"Andrea Phelps was a local aesthetician and loved a good martini. She did cardio dance with me for many years." ~ Jackie Henderson

Andrea will be missed, but her love of dance, Michael Jackson, and Halloween lives on! After Jackie and her zombie crew got everyone in the dancing mood, the celebrating and love continued well into the night.

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