'Tis the Season for Healing

This year was a big year for me and my dad as far as healing. We had some deep-rooted issues we needed to dig up and face together. The journey was not always clean to say the least. We both felt angry and hurt at times. We both made mistakes, and we both felt alone and afraid, but in the end, we came together, like we always do. My dad has always been my hero because of his independence, genuine love, and fierce passion. This year, he is my hero because of his willingness to open up and show his vulnerability.

I believe the deepest wounds deserve the most brilliant healing, which is why I asked my dad to record this song with me today. We used two of our creative outlets to put together a video about our return back to love. My dad and I are proof that if you put in the effort and show up with a desire to heal, even the most damaged relationships can mend.

I love you dad! I will heal, forgive, love, and grow with you until the end of time! You are an endless light of inspiration and hope to me. I'm grateful every day to have you as my father.

What relationships are calling for healing in your life this holiday season? What creative ways can you work to open up your heart and allow the flood of love to wash away the pain?

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